Sunday, May 2, 2010

bed time hating bed time these days...riley seems to be trying to figure out his limits with dan and i

he fights bed time (since being back from hawaii), screams and cries over bedtime, cries for daddy-then when daddy tries to put him to bed he cries for mommy. so last night i pulled out the pack and play and put him in it after getting fed up with the fight, he cried for like 5 minutes and then was out. tonight it was the same thing but dan was not here-he had gone to the gym. when riley would not lie down i pulled out the pack and play, he immediately ran to his bed, cried, and said night night...but then i lied down next to him to get him to fully calm down and was rubbing his back, he sat up and got up to play, so back into the pack and play he went. after like 5 minutes of crying he was so so sick of this!

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