Friday, January 22, 2010

Knitted felted knitting bag!

so im in the process of designing/knitting this bag, but i need somewhere to keep my notes, and eventually the pattern i develop so here it is!

yarn using: wool of the andies from KnitPicks, worsted weight
needle size:13" needle on 24"circs

knit using double strands-or maybe use the bulky weight instead of worsted?

CO 200sts

round 1: Knit
round 2: purl
round 3: knit
round 4: purl
round 5-:knit

im using 2 colors, black and orange--i knit with one color till i run out then switch to the other color and on and on until the bag is the desired length.

for a rectangular base: use double stands CO 75sts, knit 25 rows
attach to bottom edge of bag using your prefered method of attaching

alternative base otption:
seam bottom of bag together
decrease stitches to 10 or increase from 10 up to 200
for a strap knit a strap 1.5-2x's your desired length 4 sts wide (also using double strands) graft/attach to bag

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