Friday, February 13, 2009

happy friday the 13th!

alright so first off i have a not even sure how many people read my blog, or if anyone does really so i may not get any answers but here it goes anyway...Riley is now 20 lbs at 4.5 months, is his weight gain going to slow down? I am working at the GDiapers booth at the everything green expo this weekend and in compensation I will get some little g pants BUT do i get some mediums (go up to 28lbs) or should i get larges?? im really not sure what to do since im not sure how much longer he will be in mediums...if hes only in the meds for another couple of months then id get larges but if hes going to be in mediums until after hes one then i might consider getting a mix...what doyou think???

im a special ed teacher for children birth to grade 4, so youd think id know how to teach a child to drink from a sippy cup BUT i really have no idea how to teach this skill to Riley...he refuses, screams, cries and shuts down when you try to give him a bottle...which really is just fine with me since im breastfeeding and im not working at all, BUT id like daddy to help out in the middle of the night how do i teach him to take a sippy cup???

do you know what really annoys me?! my husbands alarm...he sets it for 615am, but then when it goes off it takes him a good 5 minutes before it wakes him up and he rolls over to hit the snooze button, he then repeats this process for a WHOLE HOUR!!! the alarm wakes me up instantly and if Riley is not already awake and eating he is woken up the the alarm as well...frick, if your going to set an alarm set it for the time you want to get up!!!!

alright im done....going to go sit on the floor and play with Riley now

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