Tuesday, January 6, 2009


so after 3 frusterating weeks of nursing Riley, and finally visiting the lactation consultant today i have an answer at least. I have too much breastmilk and it all flows out in 5 minutes, essentially i and flooding Riley with milk and he dosent appreciate it, so he fusses and cries. The LC gave me some suggestions as to how to help fix the quick let down, and assured me that eventually Riley and my milk supply will get in sync with each other, but heres my issue...its been over 3 months already! shouldnt they be in sync by now??? its ok though im thinking that since i dont mind pumping, and since some women have the opposite problem of me maybe i should be a nice person and donate my extra milk (pump after he feeds) to the national milk bank...what do you think?? there are extensive tests i would have to go through to be accepted as a doner, but i really believe that donating (blood, milk, time) if you have it is the best way to rack up those positive karma points...i think i may do it! i wish i could sell it and make some money (and not feel so bad about being a sahm and spending all our money)

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Jaimey said...

you can donate to a person or family on a website too... very reputable but less hassle. the banks are SUPER picky. I signed up for one but can't remember which one. You can google "donate breast milk" for tons of info and options.

the only other I would suggest is that pumping even after he is done will increase your supply teaching your body Riley needs that much. Have you tried leaning back almost to lying down...that helped many people at breast feeding group. You should go to that if you haven't yet, they could be helpful too.