Saturday, December 6, 2008


im not really sure why Dan (my husband) keeps me around, i hate cleaning, i hate doing laundry and even though i like cooking sometimes im pretty much too lazy to cook these days...BUT this weekend between dan and i we got all the dishes done and all the dishes done

on another note i have been experimenting with making natural dye's to dye Rileys white soon as i have them all (3 of them) done and all washed up (so they are the color they will be) i will post pictures. i have one dyed in coffee (which dan and i have shirts from hawaii done like this, and if the diap turns out like our shirts it will look great!), one dyed in grass and spinach, and the other i am hoping to either do in blackberries (if i can find some) or bjlueberries...we will see how it works!

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